About us

This is our absolute priority to inform you that GBWhatsApp is not only free to use but it has some awesome features and options for customization that you can get at our website. Some of the outsider developers add some additional elements of this version of GBWhatsapp which were not included in official App. But these updates are awesome to use and are available in GBWhatsApp.

Our Company cares:

Our team members are highly experienced, and their aim is to work to the best of their abilities to reach the main objective of our company. We will welcome our user as a team member. While enjoying and experiencing the app, our user will feel free to express their thoughts on our app features and policies. By having the extended use of our platform, users will feel free to share their thoughts and experience on using GBWhatsApp completely with all its versions.

We have hired best professional and qualified people to develop and manage our website by understanding its complexity and keeping all the features up-to-date. With the help of our users as team members, our community will become much stronger than ever.