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GB WhatsApp 


GB WhatsApp is an advanced and modified version of the original WhatsApp that offers you to enjoy additional features in one place. So many websites claim to provide a secure version of this application, but this is not true. When choosing a website for downloading any application, always select GBWhatsApps.Pk. It helps users to communicate with their friends and relatives fascinatingly.  

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Whatsapp is a platform where you can connect with your loved one in seconds and share your images, videos, or important files in no time. But there are limited features that can decrease your pleasure time. GB WhatsApp is the best alternative to simple WhatsApp, which provides privacy and security and does end-to-end encryption. It does not end with this feature; you can customize settings and display your WhatsApp.

How is GB WhatsApp different from normal WhatsApp?

FeaturesGB WhatsAppWhatsApp
Do Not Disturb Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Message
Multiple Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change
GB WhatsApp has all the same features as normal Whatsapp but with some additional elements not present in the basic version. Users can read deleted texts, view removed Status, freeze last seen, hide contacts chats, block contacts calls, and many more. Another important thing about this WhatsApp is that you can create multiple accounts, which is impossible with normal WhatsApp. Regular WhatsApp allows its users to send images under 30 in one stamp, but which this app, you can share more than 100 images and videos in one click, which takes no time, but DND and Auto-replay is the most attractive characteristic of it.

GBWhatsApp is the best application loaded with unlimited features and compared with other WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, it is considered the best massaging application.

Staggering Elements of GB WhatsApp

Suppose you want a best-trusted alternative to simple WhatsApp, which provides the extra benefits of proper security and privacy of your personal information. In that case, GB WhatsApp is for you. If you have questions like- How to use it? How to download & Install it? Then read the article; it will help you understand how to use this method. We described each element in simple words that is helpful for beginners, so What is your mark time? Just click on the download button and get the secured version of your GB WhatsApp!

Here are the complete details of each attribute of this bewitching software:

Authentic Privacy Policy

There is no disturbance of spam calls or messages, and you can automatically detect and eliminate spam numbers. No employee of this software can read and access your personal information. You can easily share and receive any files or documents with anyone without fear of losing your important data. 

This app does not require your personal information for installation, but if you add it, it properly secures your privacy. You will get all premium features for free when you download them from our website.

Upload extended Status & Download Status

There is no limit of 30 seconds status like on simple WhatsApp, and you can upload long Status without distortion. You can download the Status of your contacts with one click and save it in your mobile gallery. An icon appears on the Status with a download sign; you tap on it and get that Status in your mobile media in seconds. 

Features Of GB WhatsApp Latest Version

Hide Personal Contacts

You can hide your contacts, or if you don’t want to share your contact details with anyone, it helps you a lot. When you hide your Contact, it is visible when you enter a password; otherwise, no one can access your personal life.

You can even hide unwanted notifications and other options that annoy you. Users of this WhatsApp can experience the most impressive features of this application.

Hide View Massage & Your Online Status

This software’s most captivating characteristic is that it helps its users hide any setting options that save their time and mood from being spoiled by any person. You can use this element for work and everyday life; if you see someone text by mistake and do not want to talk with them, you can click on the hide view message notification. Other people things that you could not read their text, and they cannot blame you for this.

You can see their Status without benign notification on their WhatsApp views and what you need to know about their activities.

Set Auto-Reply massages

In GB Whatsapp, you can enjoy the auto-reply characteristics for your convenience. In this era, we primarily work from the online system, so when you set up a business or work for a specific organization, you can set up an auto-reply feature. When someone sends you a message, they automatically get a replay within seconds, which is very impressive for your clients.

Separate Folder for Groups

Users of this WhatsApp can create a separate folder of groups and also categorize these groups into works and family name groups. In simple WhatsApp, all chats are messed up, which can cause disturbance when hurrying to find any text or files from groups or specific conversations. This feature of WhatsApp is the most beguiling thing about this software, a separate portion of the group chats with particular names that you can assign, and you can find your required files or texts without wastage time. 

Hide Status Notifications

You can hide your activities on this Whatsapp while massaging your friends and family. You can hide online Status, type notification, hide blue or double tick, and click on these notifications for specific friends. This WhatsApp is small but has many stunning features, so download it now and enjoy it for free.

Personalized Wallpaper & Fonts

This application does not fix font sizes and shapes; you can change and customize fonts according to your choices. There are a lot of suggestions for font customization, and you can either increase or decrease fonts in chats and on Status.

Chat Background wallpaper is also customizable, and you can set your image on your wallpaper or change simple wallpaper with the most beautiful and fascinating background. Users of this app can share their wallpapers with friends and family contacts. 

Set 60+ languages for GB WhatsApp.

You can set more than 60 languages and enjoy your WhatsApp however you want. Users can change language any time and anywhere because there is no fixed setting. Open the Setting option and click on the Language tool, there you can search your language and add it to your favorite list. You can also type texts in your language, which is not included in official WhatsApp.

Create Multiple accounts

There is no limit to using only one account on one device. You can use more than one account of GB WhatsApp on your smartphone with this same download link. You can create each account with a different name, so there is no restriction on adding other numbers for different versions.

Receive and Send Any Format file Within Seconds.

In today’s generation, we all want to connect on our mobile and cannot want to make physical meetup plans, which can simplify our lives. Now we can communicate through WhatsApp from thousands of miles, and video calling with more than one friend is possible. 

You can even do your work on WhatsApp and share your document files with anyone worldwide. You can share and receive large-size files with anyone in no time with the best quality result. Your data is saved, and no one can read or interpret your document.

More Substantial Features of GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp has more sustainable features, which are not present in other apps; it allows you to personalize every part the way you want changes in the application. Some of the elements of GBWhatsApp are discussed below with simple details that help their users understand how this app works.

Light & Dark Mode

GBWhatsApp is an incredible massaging app with great features that are all helpful for users. There is a light and Dark mode which you can choose for your convenience. Most people dislike brightness, which may harm their eyesight, so the dark way is for them. You can select any mode from the “Setting,” then click on “Chats” here is the first option with the name “Theme.” This tool helps you to choose a light or dark mode for WhatsApp. 

DND mode for massages

DND mode is available in every smartphone used to turn your mobile on airplanes so that no one can disturb you, but GBWhatsApp offers their users to use this app even when their device is on DND mode. You can use WhatsApp in Airplane mode, or if you want to turn your WhatsApp, click on Airplane mode in the above status bar.

Read Deleted Messages and Media

Users of the original WhatsApp can’t read the deleted messages; sometimes, it feels irritating when someone deletes their texts. But GBWhtasApp provides a fantastic feature to read deleted messages and automatically save the deleted media in your account. You can see any deleted files, documents, videos, or images, and you can also see the removed Status of your contacts.

No Distortations of Photo & Video

When we share videos or photos with our friends and families, their results will be distorted, and pictures will become blurred. So GBWhtasApp saves precious moments and delivers them in their original condition. You can share more the 100 images in one click, which is not possible with a simple version of WhatsApp.

Broadcast with limitless Contacts

In regular Whatsapp, all features are restricted to a limit, which is the more boring thing about this app. Users get frustrated when they work for a big organization but need help finding a simple solution. Developers of GB WhatsApp keep in mind that to increase the features of simple WhatsApp and make the best alternative of this app. You can even share limitless media with 1000+ contacts in no time. If you want a meeting with your colleague, you can do it via this WhatsApp and video calls with many people.

Clear bulk Massages in one Click

We are all busy with so much workload, but the storage issue of our smartphones is another big problem for us. Whatsapp is an application used daily and for personal and professional work. But it caused a disturbance in the storage issue, and to get rid of this problem, we required time to delete all unwanted texts and calls. However, GB WhatsApp allows users to delete bulk chats on click without wasting time.

Sorted Text & Voice by Name and Date

Another feature of this application is sorting text or voice messages by their name and date, which is very helpful for the users. This element is required for users connected with many peoples for their work and studies. You can create contact lists to place separate chats for specific subjects if you are a student. 


Download GB WhatsApp Android Application

App NameGB WhatsApp
Size64 MB
DeveloperFouad Mods
RequiresAndriod 5.0 and Higher
Total Downloads500,000,00000
Latest Version Update1 Minute Ago

GB WhatsApp Safe or Unsafe

Finding the safe version of those applications not found on the Google Play Store is challenging for users. But most websites provide a safe and secure application with additional features unavailable in their primary accounts. 

A question with the GBWhatsApp name is whether it is safe or unsafe for the users. The answer is that it is a secure app for everyone, and no one can access your account. When you download GB WhatsApp from “GBWhatsApps.PK,” then you will get the latest anti-ban version of this application without any harmful threat.

Guidelines for Installing GBWhatsApp

Simple Commands for Installation Method of GB WhatsApp:

  • Enter the “GBWhatsapps.PK” on your Browser 
  • Select GB Whatsapp from this page
  • Explore the page if you don’t understand anything
  • Click on the Download button, and the next page appears 
  • This download page has a link button for Downloading GBWhatsapp
  • Open this file, and installation will complete in seconds 
  • Open the app and add your mobile number


I recommend downloading GB Whatsapp from our Website and getting all premium features for free. Downloading GB Whatsapp can be an enjoyable and convenient way to enhance your digital experience. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or another device. Your personal information will be secure, and no one can access your account. So click on the download button and enjoy this fantastic software without cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

It’s an up-to-date version of the official app. GB Whatsapp adds more options for customization and have features that are not available in official app. Here are some frequently asked questions related to GBWhatsApp:

What is GBWhatsApp:

GBWhatsApp is developed by third party. It is a modified version of official WhatsApp. Here, you will have more access to features and options that are not available in the official app.

Is GBWhatsApp Safe to use?

GBWhatsApp is totally safe to use. It operates on the same servers as official WhatsApp. No one can access your personal data. So you can definitely download GBWhatsApp and feel free to enjoy this amazing version of official app.

Is GBWhatsApp available on Official app stores?

It is a modified version of official WhatsApp created by third party. So it is not available on official app stores.

Is GBWhatsApp free to use?

Feel free to download and use GBWhatsapp to your any device.