How is GB WhatsApp different from official WhatsApp?

GB whatsapp is the best alternative of Official whatsapp with many extra modified features. There are many advanced options like modified security options, privacy settings, hidden chats, texts or calls to unsaved numbers, hidden viewed status, and many more. In GB, whatsapp users can safely enjoy an unlimited number of extra features. Normal whatsapp somehow limited functions that provided the most minor app features and bounded their users in small circles. 

Users who are faded up with the essential app functions must try this new advanced version of GB WhatsApp. The downloading and installation method is simple, and we explained that it will be beneficial for every user. Numerous features are offered by GB whatsapp with a secured version. Umpteen features are described below with details that are helpful for new users.

Advanced DND Mode

In GB whatsapp, there is a new advanced version of DND mode that is missing in official Whatsapp. So users can turn off or on DND mode in one click. This function is applied when you want to use the internet but not to show anyone their online status on WhatsApp. 

Auto replay

If you’re a busy person or running any online business, this feature is perfect for you. Because the auto-reply is very easy to manage, you can set any text or voice message that is shown to users when anyone texts you. You can later reply to them when you are free. This message is applicable to all types of contacts, whether they are saved or unsaved in your WhatsApp contacts lists.

Filtered messages 

There is another fantastic feature which is helpful for filtered messages from all contact chats. You can choose any text to save it separately for quick access or find any text with only one click method. This feature is not available on official Whatsapp, so you must definitely download this app for your help.

Broadcast Texts

It is a new type of text system where you can send or receive texts to groups. You can create a broadcast channel and add unlimited members in no time.

Undo chats

If you are using GB WhatsApp, then you can easily undo deleted chats or text. Sometimes, you mistakenly delete essential chats, but in this app, there is no need to back up whole chats. You have to undo the recently deleted texts, images, videos or audio files and also documents in their original file forms.

Share current & live location.

Whatsapp is the leading and essential social application that is used all around the world. These features are also critical for many reasons, and one of the most amazing things about this app is that you can share your live or current location with anyone with one click. You can also track your friends and family members’ location and guide them accordingly.

Unique Chats Effects 

As we all know, in simple Whatsapp, there are limited and straightforward themes. But we are spending most of our time on this app and talking to our loved ones. That’s why GBWhatsapp creates many beautiful and unique features, like different chat effects, which make the screen more enjoyable. You can make your theme and modify the colour combinations according to your taste.

Share High-resolution data

Sharing files in the form of images, videos, or documents is the primary use of social apps. Whatsapp is the world’s number one application that is mainly used for this purpose. GB Whatsapp can share high-resolution power files anywhere in the world, which is a plus point. This feature is not worthy in official Whatsapp, and most of the time, this affects the quality of images and videos quality.

Share more than 50MB of video clips.

In normal Whatsapp, you cannot share videos with long lengths, and this also affects their quality, but in GB Whatsapp, you can share up to 50MB of video clips at a time. There are no distorted effects in your data, which is very good for everyone.

100MB audio files

There are no audio files restricted for their length because users can share 100MB files in one file. It is the best quality of audio that is very useful for the sender and receiver.

Share up to 90 images.

In the simple version of Whatsapp, you can share a limited number of images, which is a very annoying thing for sure. But in this app, you can share up to 90 images at a time and also high-quality images.

Immense Themes

In the new version of GB Whatsapp, there are immense numbers of themes with variations of colours. You can choose any colour or theme and make your chats more fascinating for the eyes.

Status download 

One of the intriguing features of GB Whatsapp that is a favourite among all the users is that you can download images and videos of contacts status. There is an option to show below the status you click on, and their status is automatically saved in your mobile gallery.

Customize font shapes and sizes.

There are only three Fonts sizes available on official Whatsapp, but in this app, you can adjust the font size according to your preference. One more thing about this feature is that you can also customize the font sizes and shapes, which is very interesting for users.

Hide viewed status 

Is there any contact in your list whom you want to avoid showing your presence to? If yes, then you must use GB Whatsapp because you can hide your name from their viewer list of statuses. No one can know that you are watching their status.

Hide contacts list

If there are any numbers in your contacts list and you want to hide them, then this app is definitely for you. These numbers are not shown in all contact lists so you can get access to those numbers.

Send Multiple SMS

Our generation needs to be faster and work in many organizations. So, for that type of busy person, GB WhatsApp provides a fantastic feature that you can send bulk messages at a time to multiple recipients.

Hide unwanted functions

If you are not interested in any feature of the application, then you can hide that option. You can completely customize this Whatsapp for your ease. 

Multiple languages 

There are multiple language options so that all types of users from any country in the world can easily use this application. This app works almost the whole world with completely safe versions.

Back up files and chats

All the data is safe and secure so that you can back up any files and chats whenever you need. 

Safe to use 

We are providing the safest version of GB Whatsapp with all authentic cookies and technology. It is really very secure that you can share anything with your friends and family without any tension of losing your data. The whole chats and calls are end-to-end encryption, and no company members can get access to the user’s account. Just handling the technology to provide our customers with the best app is our priority. Download the latest version of GB Whatsapp from here and enjoy chatting and calling with fun.

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